Chiara was born as a Thrash Metal bass player.


During the years she explores other genres through her collaboration with various underground bands and listening to music such as Symphonic Metal, Power Metal and Melodic Death Metal.

She is inspired by bassists such as Van Der Loo, Paolo Gregoletto, Jeanne Sagan and Steve Harris.

Photo: Davide D'Errico Photographer


Chiara nasce come bassista Thrash Metal, ma negli anni esplora altre sonorità tramite collaborazioni con diverse band underground e l’ascolto di generi come il Symphonic Metal, il Power Metal e Il Melodic Death Metal.

Tra i bassisti che la ispirano troviamo Rob Van Der Loo, Paolo Gregoletto, Jeanne Sagan e Steve Harris.






8 Ottobre 2023

New album "Kintsugi" Release Party

@ Centrale Rock Pub

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All Female Heavy Metal Band from Italy


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