Welcome to the Asylum

The crowdfunding campaign for our first full length album starts NOW!


You can find it at this link: https://www.musicraiser.com/projects/12006


We decided to realize our project through crowdfunding because many of you has encouraged us to count on your neverending support; we want you all to feel and be an essential part of our music and our path!


Once being called by a Musicraiser talent scout, we realized every little piece of the puzzle was finally in its proper place.



Every single penny of this campaign will be destined to recording, production and distribution costs, and also to be able to create new and more various Wicked Asylum merchandise!


You will have two months to grab one of the available rewards, among which you can find:


  • digital download of the new album-
  • physical copy of the album + free digital download-
  • new album + Rebirth EP-
  • new album + new album t-shirt-
  • new album + exclusive Wicked Asylum gadgets-
  • the possibility to participate to our rehearsals-


...and many more!


Be sure to catch the opportunity to be active part of our music and to be enlisted into the album credits and thanks.


Let's show the world what the metal scene can do!

To support our campaign even further, don't forget to share it on your social media accounts and remember: "sharing is caring"!


Thanks in advance for any kind of help you'll be able to give us to support our real first full length studio album.

We've come this far thanks to you, and thanks to you all we will reach even further!


"We promise that we will play

no matter what it takes!"

Wicked Asylum


Photo: Davide d’Errico Photographer